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A correctly commissioned and operated DREHMO actuator usually needs no long-term maintenance by default.

To assure a high availability of the installed actuators, we recommend a regular examination / inspection in the framework of a preventive maintenance where appropriate by our specialists.

We especially recommend these for actuators with excessive strain – e.g. such as modulating actuators. Strains for actuators are not only torque utilisation, output speed, cycle rate or torque values, but also external influences like temperature, vibrations or shock, dirt, humidity or environmental conditions (e.g. gases, fluids), which impact on the actuator.

DREHMO offers individually verified maintenance packages for nearly all types of actuators.

These maintenance packages can apply to special actuators, plant components or complete plants. On request it is possible to arrange these packages by individual specifications of services. Maintenance- and inspection measures are multi-stage and contain services depending on periods and utilisation ratio as well as the exchange of selected wearing parts.


Example of a maintenance / inspection draft:

  • First step: Simple inspection after 2 years from initial operation for all types of actuators.
  • Second step: First full inspection after 5 years from initial operation of the actuators for highly utilised (prior classification/categorisation necessary) modulating actuators (in case of high ambient temperature, high cycle rate, high running torque values etc.).
  • Third step: Repetitive / additional full inspection after further 5 years from initial operation of the actuators for all modulating actuators and excessively strained actuators.

A DREHMO-maintenance service therefore is the base for demand-oriented maintenance measures, resulting in a high plant availability and quick help in case of problems.


Performance agreements can be:

  • Spare part package for the agreed maintenance-/inspection-/ repair concept
  • Individual maintenance cycles
  • Maintenance service in the form of a blanket service package or dependent on the requirements
  • Determination of the actual condition of actuators, also possible with older plants
  • Assignment of trained specialists
  • Maintenance consultancy
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