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Quality is both our passion and commitment towards our customers. Achieving zero-fault production and services is the key objective of our company. Our quality management strives for continual improvement of processes and procedures while integrating motivation, knowledge and experience of our committed staff. We plan our quality so that we do not have to rely on testing. Our success is measured against the customer requirements we have met, even if they were not explicitly specified.

The protection of the environment is an integral part of our corporate objectives. This commitment is not just limited to our own production processes where we responsibly use raw materials and energy or to heeding the applicable environmental legislation. For us, it includes in particular the development of customised products leading to continuous savings during their use.


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Corporate policy


Quality policy

Quality policy

As a basic principle, we provide our customers with products and services of high quality.

Quality means for us that all services - from the development stage right through to the after-sales service - are aimed to fulfil the needs and demands of our customers.

The quality requirements apply to all levels of our organisation. Consequently, every single employee is responsible for quality of activities within the company.

The general management is committed to encourage a spirit of responsibility and quality consciousness among employees, to generally determine competences and processes for all quality related activities and factors and to monitor the efficiency of the quality management system.

Quality and quality control are therefore essential parts of our company policy.

To achieve a consistent quality policy within all divisions of the company at all times, a quality management system in accordance with EN ISO 9001 is applied, maintained and developed in the spirit of continual improvement. With the application of EN ISO/IEC 80079-34, we ensure that the specific requirements for development, design and manufacture of products used in potentially explosive atmospheres are met.

The person in charge of the organisation's quality management must ensure the implementation of the requirements stipulated in the management manual (MM). He or she has to report to general management at regular intervals or, if required, immediately on the compliance with and the efficiency of the system.

Safety, health and environmental policy

Safety, health and environmental policy

Safety, occupational health and environmental protection are core values at DREHMO GmbH, requiring sustainable and cautious handling. This sustainability can be identified in all our processes, products and services for the benefit of customers and members of staff.

With regular verification of our methods and procedures, we strive for a continuous improvement process forming the framework of value-oriented action, conforming to the law. Respecting laws and customer-specific requirements is our highest command.

For DREHMO GmbH, safety, occupational health and environmental protection are management issues and agree with all our activities. Aligning our processes to economic viability and effectiveness while considering the occupational health of our staff, protection of both third parties and the environment are the binding guidelines for our managers.

Complete integration of safety, occupational health and environmental protection within our value chain is the basic prerequisite for preventive implementation of all processes.

Regular trainings and instructions help our staff and encourage safety-relevant and environmental awareness and actions.

Safety and environmental protection are integral components of our company philosophy at all levels. The open exchange with customers, authorities and any interested party helps us to improve communication and mutual understanding.

All members of staff are required to proactively work on system improvements. Suggestions for improvements are examined for efficiency and credited by fast implementation where appropriate.

This policy translates our company culture and forms the foundation for defining our goals, programmes and objectives of our processes including continuous challenge of all achievements. Furthermore, the policy is regularly revised for relevance and appropriateness and adapted if required.

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