DREHMO wiring diagrams

Enter the order number to access the respective wiring diagram.

Legends or labels for the wiring diagram can't be requested.


We kindly advise that only wiring diagrams of newer actuators with a seven digits serial number will be indicated on our homepage.

Additionally it is necessary to put a “DA“ in front of the serial-no. like ”DA1040000“

Please contact DREHMO Service under service.ww@drehmo.com , if you look for wiring diagrams of older actuators.



The wiring diagram opens in a pop-up window. If the pop-up blocker is turned on in your browser, you are not able to view the wiring diagram. Please enter the address of our website in the "Address of Web site to allow" box.
(Tools -> Pop-up Blocker -> Pop-up Blocker Settings) 


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