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DREHMO Retrofit is your reliable and innovative partner.

In close cooperation with plant operators and DCS suppliers, we execute retrofitting and modernisation projects in the power sector, oil & gas industry, water industry and industrial automation.  Not matter whether a formerly manually operated gate valve on a pipeline should be retrofitted or the complete block of an aged power plant within the framework of a modernisation scheme - with DREHMO, you are braced for the future. Detailed planning and tailored solutions will reduce plant downtimes to a minimum.


Our services:

  • Plant inspection and subsequent development of a modernisation concept for existing valves
  • Dimensional measurement, consideration of projecting edges and selection of the required DREHMO actuators and gearboxes
  • Design and production of the adapted products
  • Support in planning both electric and communication networks
  • On-site support via the DREHMO Supervisor
  • Disassembly of the former actuators
  • Training and instruction of the operating personnel
  • Supply, installation and commissioning of the new DREHMO actuators
  • Elaboration of a spare parts concept tailored to customer needs